Introducing’s Cloud Hosting Service

Choosing a cloud hosting service provider can be difficult, especially when there are so many of them around these days. You have also probably read about some scams going on, some of them being direct scams, some indirect. You order a product, but it turns out to be something else, and the company, even though promised, will not refund you or help you out. These companies must be avoided, but the big question is how? The answer is really simple: don’t buy something if it is too good to be true. You have heard that one before. That is for sure.
You are now probably thinking: “where would I get a reliable provider?” or “where can I buy cheap and reliable cloud hosting?”. Well, luckily there is a service around, which is called The full domain is actually the name of the service, how awesome is that? So, offers a variety of clouds. If you do not know what a cloud is, then it is basically a server – a computer that is virtually available for whatever you want to use it for. The main difference between a traditional VPS and cloud hosting is the fact that you can instantly scale with cloud hosting. Cloud hosting the new thing, you should really try it out.

A good thing is, that they don’t have a big price difference between Linux and Windows clouds, also something you do not see everywhere. The company has almost 2000 satisfied clients, almost 3000 deployed servers, over 100 staff members and 9 data centers. Normally, you have to pay for weekly backups (when choosing a competitor), but these guys offer it for free. Customer support is also excellent, at it is available 24 hours. Also, the clouds run on Solid State Drives. This makes performance smooth, fast and reliable.

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