Are you serious about buying or selling a home in Tampa, Florida?

You should know that all realtors are not equal!

Buy or sell with the DIFFERENCE ” KELLA McCaskill” a realtor that has been in the mortgage and underwriting industry for the past 15 years.

  • Former executive resolutions manager for one of the largest banks in the U.S approving and denying short-sales.
  • a realtor for realtors ( assisting and closing transactions for agents personal homes)
  • Buyers agent
  • Sellers agent
  • Negotiator
  • Short-sale strategist/.Foreclosure specialist
  • Regional exposure/. Global exposure (online)
  • Former Underwriter/.Lender compliance analyst
  • Community advocate
  • Tampa native
  • Top sales agent at Deleon Sheffield Company,LLC

If you are buying or selling , you should know those qualities makes the difference in your transaction! Buy or sell with Kella and experience THE DIFFERENCE!

You can view Kella on Instagram at kellasellsflorida

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