Commeta plugin promises to make online classifieds safer.

A simple browser add-on that lets anyone read and write comments on any website is a solution to a growing problem.

Toronto, Canada – April 29, 2015 – The world of online classifieds can be a dangerous place with numerous scams, shady sellers and unsafe transactions. The most effective way to combat these negatives is the power of shared knowledge and user participation.

Commeta is a simple browser plugin that will allow anyone to read and write comments on any Craiglsit or Kijiji posting without leaving the page. This interactive power also applies to job boards and even property listings.

Example: Kate and John are both looking at the same property. One of them finds out the property has a serious problem, how can they share that knowledge?

  • They don’t have any overlapping social media circles.
  • The property website doesn’t allow comments.
  • There are no online communities discussing this property.

Commeta solves this by connecting the people who already have a common interest – the page or posting they are looking at. The power of shared knowledge without having to leave the page, without having to sign up or register for yet another forum or social platform.

The websites are unable to block, hide or delete the comments as they are displayed through the plugin rather than on the webpage.

The Commeta plugin installs with only 2 clicks, much like an app on a phone.  It is built using existing systems and code that have stood the test of time, security and reliability. It works with all major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari on all Windows, Mac and Linux computers. To prevent spam and automated systems from posting comments there are several systems in place without requiring registration or the use of annoying captcha boxes.

Commeta aims to be free, easy to use and open to everyone

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