The Ice Bucket Challenge has a new friend: The Neck Sofa!

Making the neck feel healthy all depends on its FHP, the “Forward Head Posture”. Just like the full body posture we maintain when walking, maintaining the FHP for the neck and head is just as important.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has created awareness of the Motor Neuron Disease (known as ALS in the US)… At this moment all over the internet raising awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and motor neurone disease (MND).

For people who suffer with ALS or Motor Neuron Disease, check out the Neck Sofa. As it says on its website, it offers Patented Inner Support Structure… relaxes, relieves and reduces daily stress by lowering the inflamation in your body you greatly improve your health.

Visit the website and watch the introductory video and read the testimonials at

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