Reset Addiction Drug and Alcohol Addiction Program is in the forefront of addiction recovery centers founded and run by people in recovery.

Because we are all one and the same we understand the importance of finding the perfect treatment center that will fit your exact needs. We deal with 5 star facilities with the best clinical staff and top accommodations.

Top facilities cost between 25 – 40 thousand dollars monthly. This does not include detox. Even the best insurances do not cover the cost. At Reset Addiction we have obtained quite a fantastic reputation for “making it work.” Whether the issue is that of a higher deductible, In Network versus Out of Network benefit restrictions, or any other myriad of obstacles that would otherwise keep one from obtaining the help they so desperately require and deserve; If it can be done at all, Reset Addiction has and will continue to call upon it’s various firm long standing corporate and business relationships to see your desire through to fruition. Simply put, if at all ethically and legally possible, Reset Addiction will help facilitate the removal of any and all barriers to treatment.

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