Need periodontal care? Meet Dr. Hector L. Sarmiento, DMD

I was looking for dental services in New York City, but since gum disease runs in my family, I needed more than just a dentist. I needed a periodontist.

After seeing Dr. Sarmiento, it became clear that I needed an experience periodontist. Hi staff did a full exam on my mouth including x-rays. He suggested that I only needed a period deep cleaning and surgery on just one tooth since the gums above it had a deep pocket. That is great to hear since some of my family members have had this type of surgery on several teeth. After the four quadrants of the deep cleaning were completed, he gave me great news. I no longer needed surgery. The perio cleaning helped.

Now, I am not saying that every patient who visits Dr. Sarmiento will have the same luck as me, but he was very gentle and I did not feel that much pain at all.

I definitely recommend visiting Dr. Sarmiento for at least an exam if you have any family history of gum disease. Don’t wait too long, because gum disease can also lead to heart disease if untreated.

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