My Dog Jogs- Professional Dog Runners in NYC


Have you ever watched your dog when he’s dreaming and wondered just what he is dreaming about? Sometimes he makes strange noises and his paws are twitching and you can’t help thinking that he’s probably chasing a rabbit. Then you realize that because your dog has lived all his life in the city he has probably never even seen a rabbit.

More and more parks have signs up warning you to keep your dog on the leash, so you can’t even let him free to do what he’s been dreaming about. As an animal lover, probably the last thing you would want your dog to do anyway is chase rabbits – but wouldn’t it be great if he could at least run for a few days every week?

Sure, you’d love your dog to be fit, healthy and happy – but that’s not so easy when you live in the city or when you either don’t have the time or are not fit enough yourself to take him for a run. You may not mind being cooped up in a city apartment – after all, you’ve got TV, internet and maybe even a hobby to keep you entertained. Maybe that’s why you don’t feel like chewing up slippers – you have choices, escape routes including your local gym.

What if your dog could be out running and getting in shape too while you are building up your health and fitness levels at the gym?. You are probably already very proud of your dog, but what if he was the sleekest fittest happiest dog in the neighbourhood – living his dreams – wouldn’t that be something?

Unfortunately all the problems related to obesity are no longer restricted to humans. So, be the hero your dog thinks you are and get him signed up for regular runs. Every dog deserves the chance to to live his dream!


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