Jack Giambanco is literally brightening people’s lives with Friendship Lights

Friendship Lights brighten up lives of hundreds of New Yorkers!

I discovered Jack Giambanco in an article in the Queens Courier about his visionary creation of the Friendship Lights, an invention aimed at showing others that there are  truly good people in the world, especially a cutthroat community like NY City and its 5 boroughs.

The Friendship Light is a small device handed from one individual to another which stays lit to remind that person of the giver. The battery lasts for months and the device stays on. This is also a good way to share some love with the homeless or those people who less fortuntate.

Check out the full article in the Queens Courier the address below and like the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipLights


Jack is recruiting volunteers to donate their time, money and facilitates to reproduce the program in other areas

Bruce C

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