Review of Satellite from New Electronic Funk Band 2 Bit Radio

2 Bit Radio, a new electronic funk band, is releasing a new album at the end of the year and I am excited, because the song Satellite is awesome!

If you want to hear this song, so to Soundcloud at and you can learn more about the band at the URL above.

My Review:

I have seen several reviews of this band that say they are like Daft Punk “Get Lucky” and some say Depeche Mode. I think this band is actually a combination of a lot of acts from the 80s including the Eurythmics as well as some artists from the 90s like Beck.

If you are looking for a great dance track, Satellite is definitely up there with some of the biggest club tracks and I can say with certainly that with music like this, 2 Bit Radio will go far with enough people pushing them on social media. What kind of music can I classify this band by? I would say a little everything including dance, pop, electronic, funk and some alternative. With funky guitars and grooving keyboard / synthesizer tracks, if you like dancing, this group is definitely worth a listen.

I also just want to tell you guys that 2 Bit Radio is a group of accomplished musicians since they are now recording their second album with their first album called Dirty Time, released in 2011.

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