Re-chart your course towards clarity, fulfillment and happiness.

When you hear the word depression do you think of chemical imbalance and anti-depressants? Anti-depressants are among the best-selling drugs in medical practice with a market of US$12 billion. Yet depression is misdiagnosed approximately 30 to 50 percent of the time!

Today, people are living with circumstantial depression … the pain of existing in negative circumstances without any hope that things will change. In fact, statistics show that unhappily married people have the highest rates of depression and no amount of anti-depressants will cure an unhappy relationship.
“A more effective approach [other than taking antidepressants] is to take some positive step, even if a small symbolic one, toward changing the circumstances that were leading to the depression.” (APA Report)

Forty Days to Breakthrough – How to move from simply existing to living a life of meaning and purpose, is a practical guide helping people take these small, achievable action steps (one each day for forty days) in order to re-chart their course towards clarity, fulfillment and happiness.

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