A New Paradigm of African Trade with a new book titled Unleashed!

I want to let everyone know of this cool book : “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade With The World” written by author John Akhile. The website includes a contest starting on October 15 where the winner can travel to New York City, London or Johannesberg. You can also stay up to date on the events around the book and contest by subscribing to the blog.

The book can be purchased online at http://www.bookmasters.com/marktplc/04519.php

About author John I. Akhile:

John I. Akhile, Sr. has varied entrepreneurial accomplishments in several fields. His range of interest includes international trade, real estate and restaurants, demonstrating his keen interest in international affairs and in the cultural underpinnings of society. In many respects he is a true “Renaissance” man. An avid reader with an insatiable desire to learn, he has a vast knowledge and command of diverse fields. However, his central passion has been the African continent, having concentrated on the issues hindering development and growth in African countries for more than three decades. It has led to two literary works.


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