Save an Artist is a young company starting off by trying to raise some funds through crowd funding on Indiegogo.

They bring to the table a beautiful modern style of artwork. They take on multiple artists who show great talent; currently the company is made up of one aspiring business school graduate, Carter Weyrauch, and two very talented artists, Travis Seibolt and Alexander Williamson. Their paintings can be deep and meaningful like Travis’ Kill Me Alive, which shows a man attempting suicide being launched safely back up into the world by bright color and shapes, to another of his paintings, Taming Medusa’s Mane, which is a funny and clever painting showing the mighty Gorgon from mythology, Medusa, straightening her hair and trying hard to meet the modern expectations placed on women, and not having an easy time doing it.

They describe their major passion that led to creating Save an Artist by saying “We have worked at some of the worst corporate drone jobs that are out there. We want to create jobs for people that make them happy to go to work rather than feeling like swerving into oncoming traffic instead of going in for the day.”

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