Pocket Tanks, An Amazing Multiplayer Game of Tanks

I am always looking for cool action games for my Android HTC One and I found Pocket Tanks on the Google Play store. I downloaded the game, but instructions can be acquired at  http://www.funtechtips.com/2013/07/pocket-tanks-free-android-multiplayer-tank-game/.

So, after I downloaded the game, it was a smooth transition to play it. It installed quickly and I was off and playing. What I like about this game is that I can play my android or another player, so I played my daughter. She had fun with the game as well.

A HUGE Choice of Weapons!

Now, the most exciting thing about this game is the choice of weapons. Half the fun is using them and seeing what they do. I like the Firecracker, Homing Worm, Hail Storm, and Pile Driver, but every time I play, I see a new one pop up, so I assume there are over 50, but each player gets 20 each, I believe. Each player can select the weapons one at a time before the game begins or Player 1 can press the Random button and the randoms just get randomly distributed to both players.

Figure the angle, select your power and fire away!

Once you select a weapon during each round, you figure the angle and power. Then, press the Fire button. If you have the correct power and angle, you will hit your opponent and score points.

If you want some cool tank battle action on your android, go to http://www.funtechtips.com/2013/07/pocket-tanks-free-android-multiplayer-tank-game/

Pocket Tanks – Free Android Multiplayer Tank Game

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