Get your wish onto a personal prayer flag for only $5

We live in a remote, rural forest area in NSW, Australia. My wife is from a Buddhist family in the Himalaya region where prayer flags are used, so we have been placing prayer flags from the back of our house to this old “Lucky” statue’s hands since we first moved here.

We recently began writing personalized wishes onto the prayer flags for friends and family and also for world events.

Traditionally prayer-flags are used to promote peace, compassion, wisdom & strength. The prayers written on the flags are believed to be carried-off by the wind & spread across the whole world to help others.

The previous owner of our property was an eccentric collector and world traveller. His surviving family told us how he had paid a fortune to have this old “lucky statue” shipped here from Greece back in 1928 (our property & house are very old, but this statue is apparently much older!) They told us how their Grandfather (the previous owner) while in Athens, had discovered this sculpture and believed it to be lucky & enchanted. He spent thousands on buying it and shipping it all the way here to Australia back in the day.

Many people had come to believe over the years that if you made a wish & many people had come to believe over the years that if you made a wish & wrote it on a piece of paper and placed it in “her” hands, “she” would make it come true. When it came time to sell the property, the family strongly believed she shouldn’t be moved from where she had been standing for the past 90-years.

Give your luck a go – make a wish come true!

For $5 – You can tell us your wish (in 30 words) and we will write a personal prayer-flag for you.
We take your flag and have it blessed by a Buddhist Rinpoche (-Lama-)
We send 2 x HD photos [JPEGs]

– As an extra, after 5 weeks of flying your flag, we will sprinkle it with holy oil (mixture of Frankincense, Sandalwood & other blessed oils) & then mail it to you, anywhere in the world, as a souvenir.

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