Check out New Zealand based indie game app development company AstroApps offers monthly artpack

I have been developing mobile apps for a few years now and am always looking for other app development companies to work with. I found an awesome company called AstroApps. At the website, you can watch the introductory YouTube video.

When I contact the team at AstroApps, this is what they tell me:

f you love designing & building games as much as we do, you’ll know that having great graphics is often the key to some of your most inspired work. 

To help you keep those creative ideas flowing here at we have put together an art design pack we call ‘jet pack’.

Delivered direct to our subscribers each month with no fuss, no contracts just beautifully designed and correctly sized artwork that you can drag & drop in to your games.

Why not take it for a testflight?

Sign up at & get a free mini jet pack.

I think that is a good enough reason to try Artpack and their other app development services.

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