The Dress Shirt Revolution Has Begun

We have been wearing dress shirts for many years now. This field of fashion hasn’t changed a lot, until now. The Allen Young Collection is being hailed as a game changer in the NYC Fashion circles and around the world. In this day and age, it’s hard to find something that’s not only made well but is also affordable in today’s market.
How often have you handed over your hard earned money on a dress shirt only to have the collar, cuffs or armpits ruined well before the rest of the shirt? Too often. The Allen Young dress shirt is a revolutionary idea, giving businessmen a shirt that not only lasts but also looks fantastic. Each Allen Young shirt will come fully equipped with removable collars and cuffs while still using the same shirt. Each Allen Young shirt is expected to last up to six times longer than a traditional dress shirt. They also feature a revolutionary design to help prevent those unsightly sweat-stained armpits. What does your dress shirt do?

The Allen Young Collection has also changed the way that men can purchase their clothes. Now you can dress to impress no matter what size or shape your body is with state of the art sizing technology powered by Fashion Metric. The goal is to give everyone, no matter their size or shape, a stylish product to suit the dapper man in us all. Now all men can get that professional Wall St. look with a high-quality Allen Young Collection dress shirt.

The Allen Young Collection is introducing new rules into an industry that is hungry for change. The dress shirt isn’t just an item of clothing; it is a statement. It’s time to make a new statement with professional and stylish business attire that truly looks impressive and won’t be ruined a few months later.
To find out how you can purchase your own exclusive Allen Young Collection shirt, please visit our Kickstarter page There are some amazing rewards available for those that choose to participate in the Kickstarter campaign.


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