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Restaurant servers, bartenders, baristas, hostesses, managers, and hospitality professionals know that saves them time and money on work clothing.

RestWants is owned and operated by restaurant employees. That’s why we know you’re busy with classes, second jobs, kids, girlfriends, boyfriends, and best friends. Why spend your precious time off from work searching for work shirts? Don’t miss another pool party or happy hour scouring the mall on your day off!

We also know that you work hard for your tips – keep them! That’s why offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $35!

Our work shirts are battle-tested by real restaurant employees – that’s how we know that they’ll take the beating shift-after-shift and bounce right back with you. We have all the styles, sizes, and colors for men and ladies that you need to clock in and rock out. Our shirts conform to the uniform specs for all the major restaurant chains – and look GREAT!

Check out RestWants when you need a fresh work shirt. You have enough going on – let us handle the basics!

We Have Your Shift Covered.

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