“New Apparel Company Holds ‘AuthoriTEEZ’ Accountable”

CLEVELAND, OH – April 09, 2015 – Carthon Choreography LLC announces the launch of its newest venture, AuthoriTEEZ.com™; a new Citizen-powered apparel company which brilliantly and cleverly highlights good and bad Citizen experiences with law enforcement, legal, and judicial system agents; primarily police officers, lawyers, and judges.

On AuthoriTEEZ.com™, Citizens can participate in highlighting these ‘AuthoriTEE’-figure-based experiences in four ways:

1.) READ THE STORIES of other Citizens and their positive and negative interactions with good and bad AuthoriTEE figures, aptly name ‘AuthoriStories™.’
2.) WATCH ANIMATED REENACTMENT VIDEOS narrating those Citizens’ AuthoriStories™.
3.) PURCHASE EXCLUSIVE ‘TEEZHIRTZ™’ that highlight the positive and negative Citizen-to-AuthoriTEE-figure interactions told in the AuthoriStories™.
4.) SUBMIT THEIR OWN STORIES of situations that occurred between themselves and good or bad AuthoriTEE figures.

“For so long, Citizens have gone without their stories of abuse, crookedness, and corruptness by people in positions of great authority being heard. No more,” said Tim Carthon, AuthoriTEEZ.com™ Creator and a victim of police, lawyer, and judicial abuse and corruption, “AuthoriTEEZ.com™ is a new, innovative and interactive, Citizen-powered website that gives them a platform to not only share their stories, but to have those stories seen and heard nationwide through our animated reenactment videos and subsequently highlighted publicly through our exclusive TEEZhirtz™. In other words, Citizens wear their experiences, literally. We’re looking to clearly and creatively unleash, and multiply exponentially, the muffled voices of Citizens nationwide in a manner never before seen.”

All submitted Citizen stories have an equal opportunity to be turned into AuthoriStories™, animated reenactment videos, and exclusive AuthoriTEEZ.com™ Justice apparel called “JusTEEZ” and Injustice apparel called “InjusTEEZ.” Normal cost of these TEEZhirtz™ is $34.99. Current 2-week ‘Grand Opening’ sale prices are up-to 60% off; ranging from $13.99 to $18.99. These exclusive TEEZhirtz™ can be purchased now on their new website: AuthoriTEEZ.com™.


Tim Carthon (TimCarthon.com), Creator

Carthon Choreography LLC
P.O. Box 608350
Cleveland, OH 44108
Tel: (248) 408-4725
Fax: (248) 920-0601

*Photos available on our website or upon request.

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