QSC LEATHERS has been founded with the ambition to create supreme quality bags, icon bags, made to be loved.

They started this month, october 2015 in production with saffiano leather collection.

A collection named “my Saffiano” that includes keepall, briefcases and woman handbags. I want to point out that all leathers of “my saffiano collection” were cut by hand. QSC LEATHERS are capital letter for Quartiere Santa Croce and common sense for high quality leather and meticulous workmanship. We are located in Tuscany, their production is only by hand and performed in our laboratory in province of Florence. We are people with names and surnames, we have the whole production chain under control and we can quickly resolve any issue when our product will be your most loved bag or holdall . They are confident that we craft wonderful bags, bags made to be used on all occasions and every day. QSC bags and accessories are 100% made in Italy, Florence. We are offering you the best italian quality bags at factory price. The company cut off all costs of marketing and management of the big houses, and of course no mark up on production costs, as we are manufacturer.

They have the whole production chain very close to us, few miles. Florence area in Scandicci welcomes hundreds of production holdings leather industry and is our home. This fashion district is responsible for transforming raw materials into finished products for many big brands such as Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Chanel and so on.Every day we have news about new models and new trends. QSC LEATHERS’ founder grew up in the work-wise handicraft factory leather of his family. Founding QSC LEATHERS he desires that his style and his art has its own brand and its own personality. We have an important task for the customer and the product.

Their goal is to craft great bags with fashionable design. All finished with supreme quality so that a QSC bag can become an icon over time. Icon leather bags representing an alternative of quality, italian quality, at very affordable prices

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