Protect Your Family with the 6 in 1 LifeSaver Car Safety Tool

Do you think your cell phone is your best help in an emergency? Just think for a moment what you would do on a cold, dark night if your car breaks down or you are stranded far from home.

Protect Your Family with the 6 in 1 LifeSaver Car Safety Tool – the most versatile of its kind on the market.

What if your cell phone is out of battery or out of range? How do you get help or help yourself until the situation is resolved?

Most people are totally unprepared for a vehicle emergency situation, when a simple solution exists.

The LifeSaver car rescue tool comes with
• 2 emergency thermal blankets to keep your and your family warm in freezing temperatures
• A flashing red beacon that sticks to your car body with a strong magnet, so other drivers can avoid you and emergency professionals can spot your car or situation easily for rescue
• A window breaker enabling escape if a vehicle is suddenly submerged or doors and windows malfunction and cannot be opened

A seatbelt cutter to free a trapped passenger or loved one quickly and easily
• And loud siren alarm to attract attention and help

If you could take immediate action for your safety, would you? People think these situations can’t happen to them.

This inexpensive LifeSaver Rescue Tool has been featured on CNN, ABC Family and the Discovery Channel and just about every tool you would ever need in most auto emergencies, can found in this one neat, compact device.

Not just for cars, this amazing little tool can also be used as compact and convenient safety gear for camping, hiking, fishing or any situation where you or your family’s safety is a priority.

It’s your safety – make sure you take care of it. It could mean the difference between life and death for drivers and their passengers – especially children and the elderly.

Check out this clever safety tool here


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