Brave 16 Year Old Girls Keep Isis And Al-Qaeda Out Of New York


They fight on our behalf for a safer world, and now their story will be told…

“Imagine living in a place where everything that you hold closest to your heart is threatened by destruction: your loved ones, your home… your very life.

One journalist pledges to go to the frontlines in Syria and Iraq to bring you an eye-opening documentary that sheds light on the people and events. In A KurdISh Documentary, Bud Wichers takes us to see Kurdish soldiers who are risking their lives on our behalf to fight the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

These youngsters have left their families and put their dreams on hold, to lead the fight against a ruthless enemy half a world away, but do we even know their stories or their names?

This hard-hitting documentary will tell the stories of boys and girls who have dreams of being nurses, business men and shop keepers, but for now, must become defenders against a dangerous, dark force that threatens their country and America. You can be a part of telling their stories by helping to fund this unique project.”

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