Unique Full Service Responsive Web Design and SEO Company

Building a great website on a mobile device is hard and SEO is even harder, so I am always looking to work with great web design companies who do both, but I found Mesh Live Build and was impressed with their portfolio. Just visit their website and preview their samples.

Here are some of the services these companies build:

  • providing small business website design/development
  • seo
  • social integration
  • 30 – 35 hours of agency time

All these benefits come at only a one-time setup fee of $999.00  and $59/month which is nothing compared to what other companies charge.

What’s unique about this service is that they are not do-it-yourself. They are a NYC-based international agency that’s created a process that gets businesses set up in 2 weeks, working with a US-based designer, developer, SEO-whiz and project manager.

Bottom line: If you are in NY City and want a local web design company, this is the service provider to call!

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