The DRACES Pak is a 2 person single point emergency supply solution!

. It is designed to be the cornerstone of an overall emergency plan for you and your family in the event of a disaster. With one purchase, virtually all your emergency and personal needs will be met and you will be prepared if faced with a short term (1-10 day) natural or manmade disaster. With the Purchase of the DRACES Pak you can be assured that:

With one purchase, you will own a comprehensive cache of emergency supplies

  • Eliminate any anxiety related to the fact that you and your family are not ready to face a disaster situation
  • All your emergency supplies are ready to go and located in one place
  • You will not be mentally and financially taxed by assembling a kit of your own.
  • In the short term, prior, during and after a disaster, you will not be dependent on immediate outside help
  • You will not become a statistic
  • You are PREPARED

The DRACES Pak is a high end, self-contained emergency supply pack for two individuals.

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