Starting your own unlimited cPanel web hosting business!

I recently found a great website that offers cPanel and WHN as a hosting platform for only $64.00 per year at

For the web designers and server administration professionals,$64.00 per year is a steal and you can probably make that back in monthly fees for your clients. This cPanel hosting business offers private, white labeled. Upon purchasing the service, you become a reseller and your only obligation is uploading the pre-made sales page and driving traffic. Everything else is done for you! Plus, thousands of people everyday are starting web sites and need hosting. Someone has to provide the service. It might as well be you.

Now, here’s a secret: For a limited time, you can get $30 off the regular price, which is already ridiculously low. $64 a year? That’s unheard of.

Sooo, go to and read the information. Then, signup and start offering this service to your clients.

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