Seminar: August 7 from 2:00 PM EST: Preparing Customer Service for the Holidays

We know how ecommerce is a multi-billionaire dollar phenomenon, but even more lucrative for retailers during the holiday season. I think as mobile devices become more equipped to handle  ecommerce transactions, it will be even more important for retailers to get their act together online.

That’s why any store owner who conducts business online needs this seminar at

Did I mention that this webinar is free? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to the biggest opportunity of the year that any ecommerce website needs to partake in.

This seminar will cover the benefits of nanoRep’s customer service software:

  • Obtain your SLA goals without raising your support costs
  • Provide scalable customer service & support
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Provide personal customer shopping experience with self-service tools
  • Automatically segment visitors based on conversation to increase live agents productivity

The webinar only takes one hour. How cool is that? Get in and out for free and learn how nanoRep can help you prepare your customer service department for the busiest season of the year (both online AND offline).

Register at or go to for the details.

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