ixBaRi Solutions is a better concept in restroom usage indicators

Everyone has been in the “restroom” situations, especially for people commuting to NY City for their jobs:

  1. You use a restroom after someone immediately leaves and are forced to deal with the unpleasantness of the restroom having been just used.
  2. You use the restroom and are embarrassed after the next person enters because of what you left behind.

Well ixBaRi Solutions at http://ixbari.com has the perfect solution: The upcoming WC-Avoider occupancy indicator, including the new “vacant and recently” used status.

On the website, they describe the differences between the normal indicator (red meaning occupied and green meaning a vacancy). The WC-Avoider adds one additional indicator color: orange/yellow indicating “status- recently used”. Very cool.

Go to http://ixbari.com and check this out for your building in New York City.

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