A totally social way to find the perfect attire for any event

Dress Your Guests at http://dressyourguests.com/ is a online private dressing room that allows you find the best attire to wear for any event or party. If you are planning or running an event, this website will help you rest assured that your guests will be appropriately attired for every event.

What social network does this? None. Dress Your Guests is the first website to do this and in a sense, is a private social network where each event has its own online social networking. The website allows people to easily create events by signing up and following three simple steps. Events from black tie affairs, weddings, themed parties as well as other types of events and parties all work on Dress Your Guests and they even provide the ability to post public and private events.

The company is also giving away a fashion/beauty giveaway for NYCers.



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