Get a voice from animated character for $5

March 29, 2015

Ok, I love services like this. If you need an animation with a voice, you can write the script for this talented Fiverr seller. This service offers 20 characters from: Red Panda, Girly Red Panda […]

With Lamapost, you never miss a delivery again.

March 26, 2015

How many deliveries do you miss? If you receive deliveries often, Lamapost will help save you the frustration of missing them.  You simply set up or find a Lama-approve location and send your package to it. Lama […]

NewyorksysTraining Infosolutions Offers IT Training

March 25, 2015

Visit the website for NewyorksysTraining Infosolutions to find out about the following services: IT Online Training Corporate Training Live Online Classes I am always looking for training courses in the city and when I found […]

Living Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think

March 22, 2015

One of the biggest, most controversial issues in the world is identifying the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Some feel that successful people have better advantages like better education, more money, talent, or […]

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